Salvi Harps

- made in ITALY


Range: 40 pedal strings, 1st Oct. E – 6th Oct. A
Extreme Height: 162 cm, 64 1/2″
Extreme Width: 80 cm, 31 1/2″
Weight: 20 kg, 44lbs
Extreme Soundboard Width: 38 cm, 15″
Finishes: mahogany, walnut, ebony, natural maple

The Ana Harp distinguishes itself from the other more traditional Celtic harps both by the way it looks and the spacing between the strings which brings it closer to a pedal harp in sound. This harp is an excellent choice both for students who are thinking of progressing to the pedal harp and for harpists who wish to play a lever harp but achieve a sound similar to a small pedal harp.

Mia (silkgut)
- made in ITALY


Range: 34 strings, 1st Oct. A – 6th Oct. C
Extreme Height: 123 cm, 48 1/2″
Extreme Width: 68 cm, 26 7/8″
Weight: 10 kg, 22 lbs
Finishes: mahogany, walnut, ebony, natural

This 34 string harp is an elegant, high quality instrument with a rich, clear sound that is built to be light and compact for ease of portability. It is a perfect harp for beginners of any age who need a reliable instrument for practice. The Mia is available with the innovative new silkgut strings or a combination of gut and silkgut. Now Fast Cash Loans.